How to Apply

We are excited to announce that the faculty recruiting cycle for the BSSP is officially open. 

How To Apply: 

Identification of potential BSSP candidates will take place at the level of units and unit-based searches, across all biosciences units at the University of Michigan. The unit can advance the candidate's application materials to the BSSP Committee for assessment of whether the candidate can be considered further for BSSP scholar designation. 


Units (and research areas) that are currently hiring at Assistant Professor level during the 2023-24 cycle:

Medical School:

Biological Chemistry

Biomedical Engineering

Cell and Developmental Biology

Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics

Human Genetics (Genetics and Genomics)

Molecular and Integrative Physiology

Microbiology & Immunology (Bacteriology and Virology)


Neurosurgery (Broad- Glioma, Intracerebral hemorrhage, AI applications in Neurosurgery, Neuroengineering, Neurosurgical Innovations (collaboration with BME and ME)

Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences



Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Disability, Pain, Function, Rehabilitation)


Radiation Oncology (Radiation and Cancer Biology, DNA damage/tumor immunology, Cancer genetics and precision therapy)


Literature Arts & Science:

Museum of Paleontology/Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (Paleontology)

Psychology (Biopsychology)



Movement Science, Applied Exercise Science, Concussion Center (Exercise oncology, and Concussion)


School of Dentistry:

Periodontics and Oral Medicine (Regeneration, Microbiome, Immunology)




Interviews typically take place between November through March within each unit/department. Appointees are expected to establish and maintain an outstanding research program, to bring or develop substantial external research funding, and to become leaders in departmental and program activities, including teaching at the medical, graduate, and/or undergraduate levels. 

Candidates must have the following qualifications:

  • A PhD, MD, or other terminal degree
  • A minimum of two years of postdoctoral experience (or equivalent)
  • Evidence of superlative scientific accomplishment and scholarly promise

All faculty recruited through BSSP are appointed at the assistant professor level and must not have had a previous tenure-track faculty appointment. The final determination of scholar designation for biosciences candidates being recruited to non-Michigan Medicine units will be made by the Biosciences Initiative Coordinating Committee.


Timeline considerations:

October 1, 2022: BSSP application process opens for initial rolling consideration of top-rated unit candidates

Nov 2022-May 2023: Review of nominated candidates by the BSSP Committee

April 28, 2023: Last date to receive nominations of unit-based candidates


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Frequently Asked Questions

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