Join Us in Pushing Forward the Boundaries of Discovery

The Biological Sciences Scholars Program (BSSP) recruits outstanding scientists in key areas of life sciences investigation. The goal of the program is to develop a new generation of leaders in bioscience research at the University of Michigan.

How We Select Scholars

A distinctive feature of the program is the collaborative assessment and recruitment of candidates by top senior scientists across multiple departments — ensuring high standards and exceptional connections for those recruited. An interdisciplinary committee of leading scientists, including senior Biological Sciences Scholars, will assess your application. Together they seek the very best candidates, and then identify the best school and departmental home.

The committee members are committed to the success of each new scholar throughout their early career. Each new class of biological scholars adds to Michigan’s vibrant scholarship community of the very best scientists who are committed to excellence and inspired innovation.

Biological Sciences Scholars Committee  2022-2023

Eric Fearon, MD, PhD, Chair, Internal Medicine, Human Genetics and Pathology

John Moran, PhD, Vice-Chair (BSSP Scholar 1998), Human Genetics and Internal Medicine

Janet Smith, PhD, Vice-Chair, Biological Chemistry and Life Sciences Institute

Committee Members

Adam Lauring, MD, PhD (BSSP Scholar 2012) Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases; Microbiology & Immunology. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Gyorgyi Csankovszki, PhD, (BSSP Scholar 2005) Cell & Developmental Biology

Patrick O'Brien, PhD, Biological Chemistry

Ines Ibanez, PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Justin Colacino, PhD, Public Health

Nisha D'Silva, BDS, MSD, PhD, School of Dentistry

Jun Li, PhD, Human Genetics

Lois Weisman, PhD, Life Sciences Institute

Henry Paulson, MD, PhD, Neurology

Jordan Shavit, MD, PhD, (BSSP Scholar 2009) Pediatrics, Human Genetics

Jun Hee Lee, MD, PhD, (BSSP Scholar 2011)Molecular & Integrative Physiology

Julie Biteen, PhD (BSSP Scholar 2009), Chemistry; Biophysics

Steven Broglio, PhD, Athletic Training; Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; Neurology

Laura Buttitta, PhD (BSSP Scholar 2010), Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Kathleen Collins, MD, PhD (BSSP Scholar 1998), Internal Medicine; Microbiology & Immunology

Andrzej Dlugosz, MD, Dermatology; Cell & Developmental Biology

Ben Allen, PhD, Cell & Developmental Biology

Ursula Jakob, PhD (BSSP Scholar 2000), Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology; Biological Chemistry

Sundeep Kalantry, PhD, (BSSP Scholar 2009), Human Genetics

Anna Mapp, PhD, Chemistry; Life Sciences Institute

Sunitha Nagrath, PhD, Chemical Engineering

Gabriel Nuñez, MD, Pathology

Carole Parent, PhD, Pharmacology; Life Sciences Institute

Thomas Schmidt, PhD, Internal Medicine; Microbiology & Immunology; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

David Sept, PhD, Biomedical Engineering

Gilbert S. Omenn, MD, PhD, Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics; Internal Medicine; Human Genetics

Yatrik Shah, PhD, (BSSP Scholar 2009) Molecular & Integrative Physiology; Internal Medicine

David Sherman, PhD, Medicinal Chemistry; Microbiology & Immunology, Chemistry; Life Sciences Institute

Shawn Xu, PhD, (BSSP Scholar 2004) Molecular & Integrative Physiology